Residential & Commercial
Roofing Systems

With 17 years of experience in the roofing industry, we understand the importance of using the most reliable products with the most reliable installers. Our main focus in every roof installation is protecting your most valuable asset; your property.

Protect your most valuable asset

We are certified with CertainTeed Roofing Products to offer top of the line, full system roofing warranties in all of their asphalt shingles. We are also fully certified with Mule-Hide Roofing Systems for EPDM, TPO and PVC roofing systems. Our support of top end roofing manufacturers and suppliers allows for top of the line service, thorough and complete manufacturer and contractor warranties, amazing craftsmanship, and completely satisfied customers.

Asphalt Roofing Systems

We are proud supporters of all CertainTeed Roofing Products that offer diverse and fully protective manufacturer and contractor warranties. We install Certainteed Landmark Pro, Landmark Premium, Landmark, Grand Manor, Highland Slate and Belmont style shingles. We also focus on the correct ventilation and underlayments to ensure every roof we install has the proper air flow and protection for the longest lasting roof.

Metal Roofing Systems

Our crews are all very skilled in the design, details, and installation of all types of metal roofing systems. We specialize in double lock standing seam systems, snap lock systems, metal shingles, corrugated metal roofing, copper, freedom gray, and aluminum gutter systems. We are experienced in copper, freedom gray, zinc, aluminum, steel, and lead coated copper and we proudly install materials from ATAS, Englert, Drexel, Revere Copper, Metal Sales, Everlast, MBCi, Rheinzinc, and VM.

Natural & Synthetic Slate Roofing

We deal with the top slate quarries in upstate New York and Vermont to ensure the best products to match existing slate roofs or complete replacements. We also support Da Vinci and Brava for all of your synthetic roofing needs.


There is no question that one of the leading causes of roof leaks and failures is faulty or aging skylights. We goes the extra mile in top of the line craftmanship in installing new Velux skylights on both residential and commercial roofs to ensure 100% watertight systems.

Solar roofing installations

We use our extensive network of solar installers to add sustainable solar panels to your roof without the hassle of dealing with the relentless solar sales model. We assess the needs of your roof and what you’re looking for and work behind the scenes with solar companies to design the right system and get it installed correctly.